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A Technology Partner You Can Count On

Central Microsystems
Is committed to providing excellence in tailored services to our clients. What differentiates Central Microsystems, is that we understand that technology isn’t just a tool: it is the ever-changing essence that drives productivity. Let us assist your company by designing and implementing technological solutions that support your global needs.


Available Agreements :

Printer Fleet Management
Part of our Managed Service Portfolio, our Managed Print Service can reduce the
complexities of controlling your cost of printing and extend the lifecycle of your printers.

Desktops/Laptops Management
Also part of Managed Services Portfolio, our Managed Desktop/Laptop services
ensures that your computers are always up to date, protected, and monitored to
ensure maximum uptime for you and your users.

Server Management
Much like our desktop management, we will ensure that your servers are always
running at optimum performance. Making sure that critical patches are updated,
that you don’t run out of hard drive space, and most importantly, monitoring against
possible hardware failure.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)
The ultimate in comprehensive computer management, we can custom build solutions
that will fit your requirements for performance, uptime, security, reliability and best of all,
we include the hardware so you never have to buy another PC or Server again.


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